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Jack White, Jason Mraz & John Mayer Go Their Own Way With New Albums

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Three of today's most elite singer-songwriters released new albums one month apart. Jack White finally released his long-awaited debut solo album which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Album chart. Jason Mraz released his follow-up to his break-through platnium selling "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things." John Mayer most recently hit #1 with his new low-key album "Born & Raised." All three performers are at the top of their game on these great new albums.

Jack White has always been the main singer and songwriter of bands like The White Stripes and Dead Weather. Now we get to hear Jack White let loose with no boundries on his new album entitled "Blunderbuss." The great thing about this release is that is doesn't follow any form. You have the garage rockers "Sixteen Saltines" and "I'm Shakin," then you get the mellow pop-standards like "Love Interruption" and "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy." White also switches between his two bands, one made up of entirely female musicians and one entirely of male musicians and you can here the differences in the way the music is presented.

Jack White's album was released on April 23 through Third Man Records in association with Columbia Records. Jack White is currently on tour in Europe before returning to the U.S. in August. For more information, please visit jackwhiteiii.com.

Jason Mraz hit pop super-stardom in 2008 with his #1 single "I'm Yours." Now Mraz returns with a brand-new album entitled "Love Is A Four Letter Word." The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard Album chart when it was released back in April and the lead single, "I Won't Give Up" is a top ten single. The new album features a more acoustic, mellow, laid-back vibe as Mraz makes you take notice of his words. Songs Like "Living in the Moment" and "Frank D. Fixer" are a couple of examples of how his song-writing has grown and matured. The album closes with the retro sounds "The World As I See It," which is Mraz's version of "What A Wonderful World."

Jason Mraz is currently on tour in China and Japan before hitting Hawaii in July. He has a show scheduled at the Comcast Music Theater in Hartford, CT on August 25. He will finish is tour December. For a complete list of dates, check out jasonmraz.com.

Pop/Blues guitarist John Mayer has abandoned all his former hits to create a true singer/songwriter album that doesn't feature any specific pop vocals or slick guitar licks. Mayer's new album, "Born & Raised" has been described as a cowboy singing songs around the campfire while traveling cross-country. Mayer has searched deep inside to find a way to create some of the most timeless stories ("Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967") and even poked-fun at himself ("Speak For Me"). Sing-alongs like "Born & Raised" and "Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey" are unforgettable as the lyrics become lodged into your memory.

Mayer had to cancel a recently planned tour due to the return of a "serious throat condition." Stay tuned to johnmayer.com for the latest information on John Mayer and his new album "Born & Raised."

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