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Telepathic Teddy Bear Is Looking For A "Reaction"

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From Boston comes Telepathic Teddy Bear with a brand-new single entitled "With Dust In Our Eyes." This follows the release of their second album "Reactions" that came out last month.

The new single is a gentle, piano instrumental. The song is simple to follow, but you keep wondering if there is more to it. The single shows a different side of their music then what is shown on the album "Reactions."

"Reactions" begins with an electronic, keyboard dance beat that sounds like a dance remix to an alternative song from the 80s. The song "The Music In My Headphones" has more commercial appeal as the lyrics and keyboard co-exist without overtaking one another. The song "Old Is The New World" is interesting, as different components of the song get introduced individually, before getting layered to create a complete musical piece. While every song on this album is a keyboard driven piece of music with a dance beat, Telepathic Teddy Bear makes each song stand strong on its own.

Check out Telepathic Teddy Bear's facebook page (facebook.com/telepathicteddybear) for songs samples from the "Reactions" album.

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