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The Darlings Have A "New Escape"

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LA punk rockers The Darlings have seen their fan base grow tremendously over the last five years. They won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest, the Anaheim Ducks hockey team used their song "What Lies Below" for their promo spots and the band's song "Let's Roll" has been in constant rotation on LA radio stations. The Darlings have also just released their Gadsen Records debut entitled "The New Escape". The band is currently on tour with fellow punk rockers Face To Face and Strung Out.

The album leads off with the energetic "Hypnotize". Lead singer Buddy Darling does his best Mike Ness impression in order for you to feel the passion he has in performing. The Darlings have a video for the single "Where Do We Go" which is a great, pure rocker that just gets you pumped full of adrenaline. The band keeps the energy flowing with "American Dream" before changing gears slightly for the acoustic, country stomper "Broken Heart Still Beating". Their song "Untitled" about never giving up and reaching for the top has all the right ingredients for success. The album finishes with the acoustic "Let's Roll" which becomes a sing-along during the song's chorus of "let's roll, let's roll, never give them control." A great song that leaves you wanting more from this up-n-coming band.

The Darlings are on tour until the 1st of July. For tour dates and song samples, please visit the band's myspace page (myspace.com/thedarlings).

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