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The Indecent Lose "Control" On New EP

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From New York comes the alternative rock band The Indecent with a new 5-song EP entitled “Control.” This is the band’s Warner Bros Records debut and was produced by Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance) and Julian Raymond (Mutemath, Cheap Trick). The band is comprised of triplets Emily Brout, Bo Brout and Madeline Brout along with Nicholas Burrows.
The EP begins with the grungy guitar driven “Lucky Ones” as Emily’s vocals gives the music an edgier sound. Her painful screams give the songs more meaning as the band pours everything they have into their music. The powerful drumming and blazing guitars in “Control” and “25 Steps” shows off their youthfulness, while Emily’s voice draws up comparisons to Shirley Manson on the song “Here Comes Another.” The album closes with the build-up, punk-like tempo of “Hear Them Fear Them.”
The new EP, “Control” was released on September 18 and The Indecent have one show scheduled for November 10 in the U.K. For more information on this rising young band, please visit theindecent.com.

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