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Elephant Stone Rise Up On Follow-Up Album

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Canadian indie-psych rockers Elephant Stone have finally released their self-titled follow-up to their debut album “The Seven Seas.” The band already has a packed tour schedule performing with The Zombies and The Black Angels as they make their way along the east coast. Although the band has been together since 2009, their music is rooted in the sixties psychedelic era.
The album begins with the first single, “Setting Sun” as you’d think you were listening to an album that was released over forty years ago. The way Elephant Stone captures that vibe from the sixties is amazing. Each member of the band gives the songs their truly unique appeal, like Stephen Venkatarangam’s keyboards in “Heavy Moon,” Miles Dupire’s big drum sound in “Hold Onto Yr Soul,” lead singer Rishi Dhir’s sitar on “A Silent Moment” and lead guitarist Gabriel Lambert blazing a trial on “The Sea Of Your Mind.” The album closes with “The Sacred Sound,” which sounds as if it came from one of The Beatles’ George Harrison’s solo albums.
For more information on Elephant Stone, please visit the band’s website at elephantstonemusic.com.

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