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Golden Palominos - Golden Palominos (1983) (@256)

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Speaking of 2009's reissues, and excluding for obvious reasons the Beatles ones, it was the Feelies' Crazy Rhythms that I enjoyed most since it urged me to return to one of my beloved albums of the 80's only to discover that it remains adorable and unique through its twisted simplicity.
The related upload is from the Golden Palominos, the brainchild of Feelies' drummer Anton Fier. From its first days, the group turned out to be more of a collective with core members being Frier, Bill Laswell and Nicky Skopelitis and different artist appearances on every album. In their first album, which is the subject of this post, we have also Arto Lindsay (with whom Fier had worked again in the Lounge Lizards), John Zorn and Fred Frith among others. With such tremendous line-up it is no surprise that the result is a unique blend of free-funk with no wave, early turntablism and that Zorn driven jazz-punk idiom.

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