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No WTO Combo - Live From The Battle In Seattle (2000) (@256)

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Have your heard the news? After almost eight years since the demonstrations in Seattle against the World Trade Organisation (WTO), where one could say that the anti-globalization movement took shape, a civil court jury decided that the massive arrests of 175 demonstrators were illegal. The grounds of the decision were that the police did not take into account that it was the demonstrators' right to be at the place where they were arrested (inside the 'no protest zone'). The City of Seattle will now have to compensate the 175 for $1 million in total, as well as to seal its own records of the arrests. See also a very explanatory article about the same issue. 

It is thereby, a very good opportunity to upload a live album which was recorded on Dec 1, 1999, during the demonstrations by a supergroup consisting of Jello Biafra (ex-Dead Kennedys etc.), Kim Thayil (ex-Soundgarden), Krist Novoselic (ex-Nirvana etc.) and Gina Mainwal (ex-Sweet 75). A combination of music (4 songs - one D.K., one DOA and two new ones penned by Biafra especially for the occasion) and spoken word by Biafra, the album stands out also as a valuable documentary of what has happened during those historical days. Equally valuable to the audio part is the booklet with lyrics, photos, the chronicles of those days by Biafra and Novoselic as well as general info about what WTO is and links for further research.

download link (tracks & booklet): here

album review link (allmusic): here

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