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Various - Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness (1997) (@256)

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This is the second to last post about the albums, soundtracks, dvds etc I liked during 2009. So, one among the few exceptional releases of last year was the collaboration between Benjamin Gibbard (from Death Cab for Cutie/ Postal Service) and Jay Farrar (ex Uncle Tupelo/ Son Volt) for the soundtrack of the documentary "One Fast Move or I'm Gone: Kerouac's Big Sur". Although someone could argue that their music misses the beat that is embodied in Kerouac's work, my opinion is that their relaxed alt-country along with the lyrics that are taken directly from Kerouac's book succeeded to capture the writer's spirit. For those interested I'll strongly propose the deluxe edition which contains, apart from the soundtrack, a book with never-published photos of Kerouac, the Big Sur novel itself and the brilliant documentary which examines the period of Kerouac's life when he fled to Big Sur, away from the consequences of sudden fame he had experienced in the city, where he wrote the s/t book. Seminal artists such as Patti Smith, Sam Shepard, Tom Waits, S.E. Hinton (writer of Rumble Fish and Outsiders), Robert Hunter, Lenny Kaye etc. talk about Kerouac, while passages of the novel are offered in a beautiful way.

Based on that, this latest upload is an older collection of readings of Kerouac's works. The man behind both projects is the producer Jim Sampas, nephew of Kerouac; as you can notice, some of the artists contribute in both projects as well. Kerouac's passages are set against a musical background created by artists of the widest range which results in a sparkling presentation of Kerouac's prose and poetry. Equally, several actors and some of Kerouac's contemporaries lend their voices while the bonus is Kerouac himself, from a 1950s recording of "MacDougal Street Blues," backed by Joe Strummer.

01-Morphine - Kerouac
02-Lydia Lunch - Bowery Blues
03-Michael Stipe - My Gang
04-Steven Tyler - Dream: "Us Kids Swim Off A Gray Pier..."
05-Hunter S. Thompson - Letter To William S. Burroughs & Ode To Jack
06-Maggie Estep & The Spitters - Skid Row Wine
07-Richard Lewis - America's New Trinity Of Love: Dean, Brando, Presley
08-Lawrence Ferlinghetti & Helium - Dream: "On A Sunny Afternoon..."
09-Jack Kerouac & Joe Strummer - MacDougal Street Blues
10-Allen Ginsberg - The Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Choruses 1-9)
11-Eddie Vedder, Campbell 2000 & Sadie 7 - Hymn
12-William Burroughs & tomandandy - Old Western Movies
13-Juliana Hatfield - Silly Goofball Pomes
14-John Cale - The Moon
15-Johnny Depp & Come - "Madroad Driving..."
16-Robert Hunter - "Have You Ever Seen Anyone Like Cody Pomeray?..."
17-Lee Ranaldo & Dana Colley - Letter To John Clellon Holmes
18-Anna Domino - Pome On Doctor Sax
19-Rob Buck & Danny Chauvin as Hitchhiker - Mexico Rooftop
20-Patti Smith with Thurston Moore & Lenny Kaye - The Last Hotel
21-Warren Zevon & Michael Wolff - Running Through - Chinese Poem Song
22-Jim Carroll with Lee Ranaldo, Lenny Kaye & Anton Sanco - Woman
23-Matt Dillon with Joey Altruda, Joe Gonzalez & Pablo Calogero - Mexican Loneliness
24-Inger Lorre & Jeff Buckley - Angel Mine
25-Eric Andersen - The Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Chorus 10)

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